Service: Hybrid working

Hybrid working has created more challenges for supervisors. How do they keep their employees motivated and healthy, how do they respond adequately to their needs in these turbulent times, how do they ensure that business processes continue to run smoothly, and how do they prevent absenteeism? How do they do all this remotely? And how do they keep a cool head during all this? In other words, how do they continue to be motivating supervisors? A coach helps them do this.

Extra services, now more than ever

Online Home-Workplace Check

Working from home has become the standard. However, this does not mean that employees have organised a suitable workplace at home. This can have consequences for their vitality and health. That is why we offer the Online Home-Workplace Check.

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Remote coaching 

Covid-19 still determines much of our day-to-day work and private life. Many employees deal with more stress factors and have less energy sources. Providing employees support by means of coaching can prevent emotional-based absenteeism.

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Coaching for supervisors

The Covid-19 crisis has introduced an additional challenge for supervisors: How do they keep employees motivated and healthy, how do they ensure that business processes continue to run and how do they prevent absenteeism? And how do they do all this remotely? In other words, how do they supervise remotely under ever-changing circumstances? A coach helps them do this!

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Resilience, Now & in the Future

Resilience is the ability to cope and recover from stress and setbacks. The more resilient people are, the easier they find their way and adapt to the present situation. It is the tool for getting through this pandemic together. The good news is, you can become resilient through training. 

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Tips & advice for working from home and hybrid work

Effective communication

Communicating online, how do you do this?

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Working from home guide

Working form home in a healthy, safe and plesant way.

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Good work station

How to properly design your work station at home. 

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RI&E and changing working conditions

It is mandatory to conduct and test the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E). An RI&E must always be up to date. If anything changes in your working conditions, you must update the RI&E. In recent years – mainly due to COVID-19 – working conditions and circumstances have changed (and continue to change) for all organisations. Has your risk inventory & evaluation changed too and has it been updated?

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General information

For general questions about the coronavirus, consult the information from the RIVM. RIVM can be reached by telephone on the special telephone number 0800-1351. For questions to HumanCapitalCare, you can mail to