Gemeente Eindhoven
Froukje Boot
HR Policy Advisor, Eindhoven Municipality
Adopting a wide view of what keeps employees full of vitality. That matters more.
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Leonie Huigen
P&O advisor, Veiligheidsregio Drenthe
Our employees come first. That matters more.
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Working together on being a good employer

We are there for employers who put their employees first, because we firmly believe that when employees prosper, the company prospers. That is why we work together with employers on keeping their employees healthy, motivated and competent. That matters more.

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Together we work on:
The best work environment

The work environment is the basis that you offer employees and that basis should be good. We help you create the ideal work environment that best fits the organisation, its ambition and its people. Healthy, safe and motivating—that matters more.

Employable employees

The employability of employees has great consequences, positive as well as negative, for the employee and for your organisation. Being prepared for employability matters more.

Motivating leadership

As an organisation you want to take good care of your people. Managers play a key role in this with their vision, guidance and support of employees. Strengthening managers matters more.

Focusing on career development

Employees who bring out the best in themselves will do the job they are capable of doing, which they enjoy and which suits them and their life. That matters more—and so does focusing on career development.

Active sick leave follow-up

There is only one question that is important from the first day that someone is on sick leave: ‘what is necessary to help the employee?’ Our professionals are always ready and available; they don’t stand on the side-line and wait and see. That matters more.

Looking at the ethical and legal side of health and safety. That matters more.
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Being well prepared for employability, now and in the future. That matters more.
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Listening closely and asking the right questions. That matters more.
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Getting the best out of the situation. That matters more.
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Always ready and available. That matters more.
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We work together with:

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About us

Over the course of 20 years, HumanCapitalCare has grown into a broad service provider and strategic partner of the Dutch working force.

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Bringing out the best in people matters more.
We are there for you.