Online advice about home-workplace

How do you best organise your home-workplace? What is the best place for doing your work at home? What reduces the risk of complaints? And what is the best work posture?

HumanCapitalCare offers an Online Home-Workplace Check for all employees working from home. An expert will take a look at the employee’s home-workplace during an online video meeting. Our expert will provide immediate advice and answers to questions. The expert will also discuss tools and correct work postures.


A safe and healthy work environment. That matters more.

Practical check

The home-workplace check is based on the most recent ergonomic guidelines and standards. Some complaints require professional advice, which sometimes slightly differs from the standard advice, such as advice for a specific sitting posture in case of certain back problems. Our workplace experts provide advice with regard to posture, work method and existing complaints.

Clear advice

The advice that the workplace expert provides during the online meeting will also be sent in writing via e-mail so that the employee can calmly reread it and implement it.

Components of the check:

  • Workplace: Chair | Desk | VDUs
  • Keyboard | Mouse | Accessories
  • Work posture: Sitting | Standing | Alternating
  • Work stress: Self-management options | Peaks | Lows
  • Work environment: Lighting | Noise
  • Indoor atmosphere | Orderliness & tidiness
  • Working hours: Breaks
  • Workout: Exercise | Relaxation

All the practical information

Duration: approximately one hour including reporting
Location: at the employee’s home

The online check is carried out through a video call. The use of a smartphone, laptop or computer with camera is therefore necessary.

Are you interested in an Online Home-Workplace Check for your employees? Your HumanCapitalCare contact person can provide you with more information and schedule an Online Home-Workplace Check.