Coaching truly helps. That matters more.

Coaching for supervisors

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we have been working differently than we were previously used to. Whenever possible, we work at a distance from each other, employees with vital professions work under great stress, some employees work from home, others work at locations with measures to prevent spreading of Covid-19. This has created an additional challenge for supervisors, namely how do they keep employees motivated and healthy, how do they respond adequately to their employees’ additional needs in these turbulent times, how do they ensure that business processes continue to run and how do they prevent absenteeism. How do they do all this remotely? How do they keep a cool head during all this? In other words, how do they continue to be motivating supervisors? A coach helps them do this!

Accessible coaching by telephone

During the phone conversation with the coach, supervisors talk about the difficult situations they deal with in these turbulent times. Together with HumanCapitalCare coach, the supervisor looks for suitable solutions. He or she then implements these insights and actions. During a second phone conversation, these are discussed and finetuned.

Coaching helps with issues such as:

  • Identifying stress and creating a dialogue about the worries and challenges of the employees.
  • Dealing with work stress.
  • Dealing with working from home and the new risks.
  • Less staff
  • Staying in connection with all the employees.
  • Atention for the team as a whole

A webcast full of practical tools and advice

In order to provide supervisors with practical tools and information before a meeting with a coach, we have created a webcast about remote supervisors during a crisis period. (only available in Dutch)


Contact your contact person or advisor and discuss the needs and possibilities suitable to your organisation.