Become familiar with the millennial generation. That matters more.

Is your organisation millennial-proof?

In a few years, 75% of the employees will be millennials. What are the characteristics of the millennial generation? And what does this mean for organisations? What are the wonderful qualities of this age group? And what are its pitfalls and risks, such as a greater risk for burn-out. Learn how you can prepare within your organisation for the employees of today and tomorrow.

Esther Wegter - Hilbers en Gaby Reijseger

Enhancing the resilience of employees matters more. Managers play an important role in this. We help managers fulfil this role.

Listing the figures


1980 - 1995

age of the millennial

60 procent

of the millennials experience stress

250 euro

is what each sick day costs

220 days

is the average sick-leave duration in case of mental health of emotional complaints.

Cijfers uit 2019

Recognise and acknowledge your millennials & become millennial-proof

60% of the millennials experience a lot of stress, among the youngest millennials this even reaches 76%, according to EenVandaag. Many deal with burn-out.

But who exactly are the millennials? What do they expect from their work and their employer? What is their view of career development? What kind of leadership is necessary to allow them to excel?

Read the article 'Recognise and Acknowledge Your Millennials' and 'Make your Organisation Millennial-Proof'


Looking back at client meetings

In 2019, during the Week of Work Stress, we organised five client meetings around the theme Making your Organisation Millennial-Proof. We created a video to give you an impression of these meetings (in Dutch).

Webinar: enemy or best friend?

This webinar for millennials shows them which are the strong sides of their generation. It also discusses the pitfalls of the millennials. Based on scientific insights, the millennials are given tools and tips on how to turn their greatest pitfalls into their greatest strengths and thus become more resilient against work stress.

Share the webinar (in Dutch) with your millennials

From the field

Watch how psychologist Johan van der Burgh helps two completely different millennials after they got stuck in their work.


Attention for millennials matters more.
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