‘Matters more’ in practice

HumanCapitalCare matters more for employers so that they will matter more for their employees and they, in return, for the organisation. That is the cycle: our conviction. HumanCapitalCare matters more.
We would like to show you what that looks like and how it is experienced in practice based on the stories of some employers and employees with whom we collaborate.

Quote Unilever



Every day, 2.5 billion people consume Unilever products and 160 thousand employees worldwide work on creating these products. Unilever began working with HumanCapitalCare four years ago in order to support its 2,500 Dutch employees in staying healthy, motivated and competent.

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Quote Rexroth


Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth is a technical company with a considerable quantity of machinery and a focus on digitalisation. It wants to be a modern employer and its employees are still its most important asset. That is why Bosch Rexroth has been working with HumanCapitalCare since 2017 to keep its employees healthy, motivated and competent.

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Quote NLR



The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) wants to be the place for employees with a passion for technology with its hypermodern facilities, but most of all by stimulating them to develop and utilise their talents. HumanCapitalCare has been contributing to the ambition of NLR for twelve years.

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Quote Puck&Co2


Puck & Co

Employability is very important in childcare. A familiar pedagogic employee offers children at the crèche social-emotional safety. It is also pleasant for parents to have a familiar contact person. Together with HumanCapitalCare, Children Centre Puck&Co are dedicated to vitality and long-term employability.

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Quote ANWB


ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club)

It’s probably safe to assume that the ANWB is one of the best-known brands in the Netherlands. Who hasn’t encountered their roadside service or their International Assistance? Every day, ANWB’s 4,000 employees make sure that everyone can be happily on their way without worries. As an employer, the ANWB does everything it can to make sure its employees stay healthy, motivated and competent.

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