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The power of resilience. That matters more.

Resilience, Now & in the Future

Flexible employees who are immune to stress

Resilient employees are flexible, deal well with stress and setbacks and adapt easily to what the environment or situation requires. They are strong and confident, enjoy their work and are productive. This is extremely valuable to them and to your organisation. The online Resilience, Now & in the Future training teaches employees how to work on their resilience in an accessible and effective way.

Resilience is the ability to cope and recover from stress and setbacks. Resilience helps people regain their balance faster, focus on the future and to interpret and deal with situations from a positive point of view. That matters more.

Resilience, Now & in the Future online programme

Every person has a certain amount of resilience. Some people can tap into their resilience without even thinking about it, while others have more difficulty doing this. Fortunately, resilience is like a muscle; you can train it. This is what we do during the Resilience, Now & in the Future online programme.

Participants discover how they can tap into their resilience and put it to use, and how this helps them to deal better with stress and increase their efficiency.

For whom?

For organisations that:

  • Want to help their employees look at situations from a different, more positive point of view.
  • View investing in their people as a requirement for the future.
  • Have a work and health policy that focuses on prevention.

For employees who:

  • Sometimes have difficulty dealing with stressful situations and setbacks and would like to interpret and deal with situations from a different, more positive point of view.
  • Want professional guidance in order to deal differently with stressful situations and setbacks.
  • Dare take a look in the mirror and reflect on who they are, what they stand for and what they do in order to promote their personal growth.

What does the online programme look like?

The programme consists of three modules. Each module begins with a webcast, followed by assignments from the assignment book and an online live meeting with the training group to discuss the assignments, findings and questions with each other and the trainer. There is also room for one-on-one coach meetings by telephone.

You can register individual employees or a group of employees for one of the scheduled dates. Then we will create a group of at least five and maximum eight participants.

The programme is based on HumanCapitalCare’s Strong Minds Work programme, which is an intensive in-company programme for working on the resilience of employees, among other things.


The programme costs €299 per person. This includes:

  • Three webcasts
  • The assignment book
  • Three live sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours
  • 60 minutes of individual guidance

More information?

If you want more information about the Resilience, Now & in the Future online programme, contact your contact person or advisor and discuss the needs and possibilities suitable to your organisation.

We are happy to continue discussing the power of resilience.

Amber Sertons
HR-advisor at VLC & partners
2020 was an eventful year. Covid-19 had an impact on society, our organisation and our employees. Many things are beyond our control. Nevertheless, we wanted to look at what we could do to support our employees. That is why we provide the Resilience, Now & in the Future training to our employees.