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Optimal balance and work environment. That matters more.

Starting to work on physical load

Physical work load is responsible for 24% of absenteeism. This creates tremendous costs for your organisation. You can prevent many complaints by creating an optimal work environment and a good balance between the workload and load capacity.

Preventing sick leave due to physical load

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The inflow of people in the WIA has increased tremendously in the past ten years, especially among people older than 45. That is a major problem for employees as well as for organisations. Absenteeism of employees is partially due to physical complaints.

Therefore, an important question is how do we prevent this? By reducing the physical load.

Listing the figures


6 hours

38,9 procent of employees carry out six hours or more of VDU work per day.

24 procent

of employees regularly carry out repetitive movements.

200.000 employees

older than 45 received an incapacity for work benefit (WIA) during the past year.

8,7 hours

Dutch citizens spend 8,7 hours per day sitting down (source).

From insight to action

A healthy physical load, that’s what we work on by clarifying what the physical load is in your organisation and improving these situations together with you. We cannot state it often enough: we always look at the entire picture, from a good work environment to career development and from motivating leadership to active sick leave follow-up. After all, physical load is not an isolated cause.

Proper physical load matters more.
Together we will take action.