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An up-to-date RI&E. That matters more.


It is mandatory to conduct and test the Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E). An RI&E must always be up to date. If anything changes in your working conditions, the RI&E must be updated. In recent years – mainly due to COVID-19 – working conditions and circumstances have changed (and continue to change) for all organisations. Has your risk inventory & evaluation changed too and has it been updated?

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Get started with the RI&E

There are two options for carrying out the RI&E. The person responsible for this task within the organisation carries out the RI&E and lets us test it or we do both steps: implementing and testing.

One of our professionals visits your organisation, carries out the RI&E and based on his/her knowledge and experience, reviews the working conditions. This is done by looking at it objectively and comparing it with other companies. But that's not where our work stops! Generating a report on one thing; translating it into a concrete plan of action and implementing the relevant measures are ultimately what it's all about. This makes the difference. Here too, we are at your service.

Good to know: What are the benefits of the RI&E? Watch a video by Steunpunt RIE.

The RI&E identifies risks at work. We make a list of the most common risks, including recommendations and possible solutions that can be used to respond to these risks. That way, we keep employees healthy, motivated and competent in their job. That matters more.


Prevention work

Keeping the working conditions and circumstances healthy and safe is an on-going process and the prevention worker plays a crucial role in this. We organise meet-up sessions especially for them. We create an online meeting of at least 6 prevention workers and experts from HumanCapitalCare. Together we discuss issues that we all encounter.

We offer insights and provide practical answers based on our knowledge and expertise while the prevention workers provide input from their practical experience.

Interested in participating in these inspiring sessions? Let us know.

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