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Strengthening managers. That matters more.

Leadership: crucial for organisational success

As an organisation you want to take good care of your people. Managers play a key role in this with their vision, guidance and support of employees. But how do you strengthen managers in their key role? How do you support them in realising their goals and in motivating and inspiring employees and teams? HumanCapitalCare advises organisations about work and health and helps managers to become motivating leaders.

Listing the figures


25% better

Employees who regard their boss a good manager perform up to 25% better.

50% more vitality

Specific feedback from a manager and thinking along about the right balance betwee work and private life can increase an employee's vitality by 50%.

30% top leaders

Nearly 70% indicate that at time support from the manager is lacking.

Organisational success

Employees and managers who are full of vitality enhance the success of the organisation. Happy employees use their competences 61% more.

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From work stress to mental resilience

Strengthening leadership

The Leadership Programme provides insight into the behaviour of managers and the effect this has on the team and employees. It also creates a link between the goals of your organisation and the ambitions of your employees. The programme strengthens the manager in his or her role, which in turn strengthens the employees and the organisation.

The programme is tailor-made for your organisation, allowing you to immediately apply and implement the knowledge and skills that are acquired.

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