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Roel Schonewille
Head of P&O, VISTA college

An employee who works on his well-being every day.
That matters more.

VISTA college is working towards an optimal working environment

VISTA college is an MBO educational institution with twelve sites, including locations in Maastricht, Heerlen and Sittard. In total, around 1,700 employees provide education to 14,000 students at these locations. Absenteeism has risen to 7%, partly due the ageing workforce, so vitality is an important priority for VISTA college. ‘Vitality, both physical and psychological, is essential,’ says Roel Schonewille, head of HR at VISTA college. ‘Imagine a teacher standing in front of a class with thirty students. They won't last long if they're not fit. They’re not just teachers, they’re educators. This demands continuous interaction, and therefore a certain level of fitness. It’s one of the reasons we created VISTA Vitaal; to get employees and students physically and mentally fit, and to stay that way.’

Roel Schonewille
Head of P&O, VISTA college

Looking at the world in the same way as HumanCapitalCare that matters more to us.

Focus on collaboration

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‘We see you’

Personal attention. This is one of the approaches VISTA College is using to combat high absenteeism. The college is presenting itself to the wider world under the motto 'We see you’. Roel: ‘We understand that you have something to say, which means continuous attention for teachers and students. Our work is driven by needs and individual solutions. This is also how we look at society. Social inclusion and diversity are important terms that are embedded in everything we do, and apply to both the students we admit and the staff we recruit. In practice, this means that we’re continuously searching for ways to make our employees feel comfortable and safe, able to do their work well, and not fall ill. We try to create the very best working environment.’

VISTA Vitaal

Heidi Jaspers teaches hair care, and is also a VISTA Vitaal ambassador. Together with other ambassadors, she informs colleagues and students at all VISTA locations about the activities. ‘The idea behind VISTA Vitaal is to help make Limburg healthier, in line with the mission, vision, and core values of VISTA college. VISTA Vitaal focuses on both the teacher and the student. Our work is based on the concept of "My positive health", which is underpinned by six pillars; bodily functions, mental well-being, meaning, quality of life, daily life, and participation.’

Heidi VISTA college
Cato VISTA college

Trust as the basis of cooperation

Cato Vrouwenraets, a medical trainee studying to become a company doctor at HumanCapitalCare, collaborates extensively with Roel. ‘We have a close, positive relationship, which allows us to discuss business matters with each other in a good way.’

Roel echoes Cato's words. ‘It’s very pleasant working together, because we trust each other. That trust was forged through frequent communication with each other. We’ve also had some pretty frank discussions, and we’re not afraid to speak to each other directly when issues need to be resolved. The communication lines are direct, and we get along well with each other. We haven’t disappointed each other over the time we’ve worked together. 'The saying goes, “By trial and error, one becomes wise,” but I’m glad to say we’ve avoided both trials and errors.’ 

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