Remain attentive to Covid-19 measures at the workplace

Our figures of June show an increase in the absenteeism rate in June compared to May. The cause is the significant increase in the number of Covid-19 infections. Although the peak is already behind us, the question remains how the number of infections will continue to develop in the summer. A Covid-19 peak in the autumn is very likely. Business organisations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland also stress to businesses to remain attentive, because no one wants to repeat last year’s restrictions. Our advice to employers remains the same: remain attentive and together with your employees be well prepared to prevent spreading Covid-19 at the workplace.

Keep an eye on the basic rules

The most important thing remains to follow the basic rules. Continue to wash your hands, keep distance and ensure sufficient fresh air. If you experience any symptoms, stay home and test yourself. Now we can benefit from the experience we gained with Covid-19. Retrieve the previously formulated Covid-19 protocol and take the necessary measures on time. Good preparation for a possible new Covid-19 wave is important for the continuity of the company.

Continue to communicate

It is equally important to pay attention to each other and to continue to communicate with employees about Covid-19 and the necessary measures, but especially about what this means for employees and the organisation. When an employee cannot continue to work at the office or at home in case of mild symptoms, then discuss with each other what is possible.

A healthy lifestyle is also important to prevent and to recover from Covid-19. A healthy diet, exercise, sleep and relaxation—in other words, a healthy lifestyle—increase your resistance tremendously. The more resistant you are, the less prone you are to the virus and the faster you recover.

Work from home when possible

Many employers and employees are together finding out how to better balance between working from home and at the office. It working from home is possible, then it is wise to stimulate this option even more in order to decrease the chance of infections at the workplace during certain periods. This is a good time to pay extra attention to working from home in a healthy and pleasant way. Read and share our tips and recommendations regarding working from home or use our online home-workplace check.


Measures at the workplace

If working from home is not possible in your organisation or for some of your employees, then it is worthwhile working in fixed groups as much as possible and to follow all the measures at the workplace. You can read all the measures on this page. For some professions/sectors, such as the healthcare sector, other recommendations apply. Consult your and sector or trade association and the websites of the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection RIVM and the government


Always ensure a safe and healthy workplace

Last but not least, use the Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E) and the accompanying Plan of Action to have a grip on a safe and healthy work environment, also in times of Covid-19.