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Reducing Physical Load

Why does an employee become sick? And more importantly: how do you prevent this?

The inflow of people in the WIA has increased tremendously during the past ten years, especially among people older than 45. That is a problem for employees as well as employers. Absenteeism of employees is partially due to physical complaints. How can the employer reduce the physical load?

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Possible solutions

There are two buttons you can push when you want to keep employees employable in the long-term: people and work.
On the people side: the fitter you are on a physical and mental level, the better your ability to continue working. Aspects that play an integral role in this are motivation, working according to competences and involvement, for example. Employees who are engaged are sick less and are 35% more productive. Career coaching, training and preventive medical examinations also play an important role, just as do task rotation, culture and leadership. HumanCapitalCare believes in combining these factors. A comprehensive approach has an impact.

Task Scan

Equally important in keeping employees employable in the long-term is reducing or changing the workload to maintain a good balance. This first of all requires insight: what precisely is the physical load of a certain job? How long does the employee stand or sit? How much does he bend over, reach, turn, etc. and what does this do to the body? HumanCapitalCare has developed an important instrument for this purpose, namely the Task Scan. This instrument makes an inventory of the physical load of all the tasks in a company and clarifies where the bottlenecks are; for every department and for every manager. This basically creates a card index file with all the jobs and tasks, which makes it much easier to rotate, deploy tools and resources or to look for adapted work.

Look broadly

Improve prevention in order to limit WIA inflow, the costs of WIA inflow are high!
So start on time and focus on more than one aspect. Don’t just examine the physical load, but adopt a broader view, look at the employee as a whole. Want to know more about the Task Scan? Contact us.

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