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Recognise and Acknowledge Your Millennial

According to research of EenVandaag, 60% of the millennials experience stress. Among the youngest millennials this even reaches 76%. Many deal with burn-out syndromes. But who exactly are the millennials? What do they expect from their work and their employer? And how do you keep this group healthy, motivated and competent?



What characterises the millennials?

Millennials grew up with the idea that everything is possible and feel responsible for their own success and happiness. They are individualistic, think that society is shapeable and have high expectations from life. They strive for the highest achievements, which is why fear of failure is a constant threat. They don’t deal so well with setbacks. Half of the millennials expects to climb to the highest position in their sector in their career. More than half (58%) expects to earn at least above average.


Millennials have much to offer to an organisation: they are well educated and can easily adapt to fast developments. They are also independent, perfectionists and ambitious, which benefits their achievements. All these wonderful qualities can greatly benefit the millennial and the organisation. After all, they strive for the highest achievements.

... and pitfalls

But these qualities can become pitfalls: high expectations create a lot of stress. And the idea of a shapeable society creates a fear of failure among millennials. These pitfalls create above average stress complaints and potential absenteeism. In addition, the younger millennials deal with many insecurities, such as shortage in the housing market and working in the post-corona era.

What do millennials need?

As employees, millennials are looking for career opportunities but they do not expect to be working for the same employer for 40 years. They usually check which position is good for their career development. In addition, millennials want to be meaningful, it is one of their most important motives. This age group needs repeated evaluation moments: they want to know where they’re at and look for confirmation. Autonomy also plays an important role and they do well in an emotionally safe work environment in which they can develop. The company culture and the management style play a prominent role in this.

That is where organisations have the most opportunities to ensure optimal performance by millennials.

We are happy to tell you more

We are happy to tell you more about how to make your company millennial-proof, such as by carrying out an OrganisationScan or by enhancing motivating leadership. Read more about it in the article 'How to Make Your Organisation Millennial-Proof'?


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