A confidential adviser. That matters more.

The confidential adviser

Offering a safe work environment is a legal obligation. Focusing on psychosocial workload is part of this and a confidential adviser can play an important role in creating a safe work environment.
In this short video, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment explains the role of the confidential adviser. Unfortunately this video is only available in Dutch.


The tasks of the confidential adviser

  • Supporting and guiding employees who are dealing with undesired forms of behaviour.
  • Analysing incidents, providing advice in case of incidents and referrals to social workers.
  • Providing recommendations about the prevention of undesired behaviour.

Who do you appoint as confidential adviser?

You can appoint an employee as confidential adviser in your organisation. This is called an internal confidential adviser. You can also opt for an external confidential adviser, which means that someone outside of your organisation will fulfil this role for you. We are happy to think together with you which option is the most suitable for you.

When do you turn to a confidential adviser?

An employee who experiences undesired behaviour, such as bullying, aggression or discrimination, can turn to the confidential adviser for advice and guidance. The confidential adviser is bound to professional secrecy which means that everything discussed remains confidential.
A confidential adviser lowers the threshold for employees as, quite understandably, it may be difficult for employees to openly talk about something they have experienced. Discussing undesired behaviour with an independent person is often easier than with a supervisor, for example.


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