Checklist for working in the new reality

Getting back to work in a safe and healthy manner!

We are preparing for the new reality, also at work. No doubt, you are already busy dealing with the return to the work floor. Obviously, with taking into account the measures of the government and the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health & the Environment). There are many points for attention that you must meet for the protection and safety of your employees. And that raises questions. For example, what do the new guidelines mean for the work environment? What kind of adjustments must I make? What do our managers need to pay extra attention to these days? We can assist you in shaping this new situation.

As experts in the area of vitality, health and employability, we are in the best position to advise you on what you should consider when it comes to working ‘in the new reality’. And we know that this concerns more than just marking the walking paths, workplaces with 1.5 metre distance between them and hygienic measures. Together with you, we make sure that your employees can work safety and in good health ‘in the new reality’.


First resource: checklist

A first resource for making your organisation ready for the new reality is a special checklist that we have composed. It focuses on:


  • How to organise the work activities;
  • The human factor;
  • Arranging the physical work environment.


This gives you insight into what you must organise and where you can seek help if you need it. Obviously, we are also ready to help you in implementing the checklists jointly and to assist you with any additional matters.


Good to know

At all times, we follow the current guidelines and advice of the RIVM. These govern and determine our advice and the measures with which you must comply as an employer. This also applies to the specific guidelines and advice given by the government to, for example, care institutes, schools, childcare facilities and the work activities related to this. This general checklist does not deal with these specific guidelines.


On to the checklist

The checklist gives you an initial picture of what you must observe in the 1.5-metre economy.

Download the list and tick off what you have already implemented in your company. Then get started with making arrangements for the remaining points. For more information, you can click on the hyperlinks in the checklist.


Do you want more information?

The checklist contains the most important points for attention for a safe return to the work floor during the corona crisis. It is based on a ‘1.5-metre work environment’ in which the attention points are focused on the protection and safety of employees. Do you want to know more about the measures that you can take, do you want to have your protocol checked or to get advice about this, then contact your trusted contact person or your adviser and discuss the needs and possibilities that are appropriate for your organisation.