Prevention of absence due to illness

How do you ensure that your employees stay vital and employable?

Many employers think that their employees are healthy but in practice, there are many more people in risk zones than you imagine. It is worthwhile to examine which risks are at play in the larger group of employees at your workplace rather than to focus only on the percentage of employees who are absent. It is far more efficient to prevent health problems and risks at an early stage. You can then tackle these problems or risks faster with low-threshold interventions and to prevent costly absenteeism.


Take notice of the right signs

Long-term employability is a mutual responsibility. As an employer, you want to provide for your employees and to create proper conditions: eliminating health and safety risks and making sure your staff has good employment conditions. Just as important is to examine how your employees can retain their vitality. This is a continuous process in which the managers play an important role. They must be able to recognise and tackle signs of overload or imminent lost days. Only then can you prevent, identify and tackle health problems.


Independent management with my-care

Employees have to take far more responsibility for managing their physical and mental health. They have to work more actively on this and my-care – a personal, online health dossier developed by HumanCapitalCare – offers important support for achieving this. In a glance, your employees can see where they score well and where are their risk zones. Potential health problems can be prevented or detected at an early stage in order to prevent the situation from worsening.