Efficient interventions in cases of absence due to illness

We offer a solution for every problem

Each sector has its own standards for employees. And every sector is characterised by its own specific risks. Problems/complaints of your employees are often interrelated. Our staff is familiar with your risks. And since nowadays your employees have to continue working for a longer period of their life, the chances of developing health problems are far greater. Older employees run greater risks and are absent for longer periods. Proper and timely help is essential to keep your employees employable in the long-term or to have them return quickly to work. HumanCapitalCare is here to help you with this process.

“Your complaint determines our intervention”

Interventions depend on the problem: Is it a minor or major problem and what are the characteristics? Intervention may entail only a one-day course about the balance between work and private life, but at another point you might need a psychologist because the problem is far greater. Sometimes, an e-learning module about nutrition is sufficient and at other times you need a dietician. One employee may benefit from physical therapy and the other has a problem that requires hospitalisation.


The best professionals for you

We have an outstanding and extensive list of providers: a network of qualitative parties with whom we collaborate for years. We examine your requirements, the severity of the problem and we decide who is appropriate for dealing with it; mentality and distance also play a role. This way, we set up a care network for your organisation. Via our strategic collaboration with CZ healthcare insurer, we can easily expand and use our network even further.