Managing the healthcare costs has advantages

We go a step further for you

We want to provide you with the best service possible. That is also the reason that we have set up strategic collaboration with CZ healthcare insurer. If you have concluded a collective healthcare insurance with CZ, then we can offer you an even more extensive package, with many additional services and healthcare chains. We strive towards excellent collaboration between work-related and regular care. That way we can deploy the most effective interventions at the lowest possible costs. The objective of all this is to keep the employees employable as long as possible and in the best way possible or to return them to work as fast as possible.


The convenience of collaborating with CZ for you

We utilise the knowledge and expertise of CZ in finding the best care. Employees of CZ and HumanCapitalCare speak the same language so that way, we can better advice and help you. Organisations that have collective insurance policies at CZ benefit from the following:

  • Convenience
    HumanCapitalCare can connect you directly with CZ healthcare insurer e.g., in case of a waiting list mediation, so that your employee can obtain consultation or treatments much faster. And consequently, they can return to work faster. This also includes free second opinion or 24/7 advice from the CZ Health Line. We know how to move in the right direction and we speak the same language. That makes it very convenient for you.
  • Better information
    By combining the knowledge of information of HumanCapitalCare and CZ, we can advise you better and offer more effective interventions. Consider for example which hospital can best assist an employee.
  • Financing possibilities
    Together with CZ, HumanCapitalCare can examine whether the medical expense insurance, the absence insurance or the intervention insurance can reimburse the costs of an intervention.