We try to save on your healthcare expenses

Allocate your budget as effectively as possible

We regularly set up vitality programmes or prevention plans for employers. The costs for these are financed from various sources. For example, from savings on absence, sick leave insurance, prevention budgets and subsidies. We will be pleased to map the financial options for you and how you can allocate your budget as effectively as possible. In addition, we can also advise about applying for subsidies.


We keep healthcare affordable

To make healthcare affordable, HumanCapitalCare collaborates with met CZ healthcare insurer. This offers advantages to organisations that have collective insurance schemes at CZ. For example, part of the costs for a preventive medical examination can be reimbursed by the healthcare insurance of CZ. Together with CZ, we can also investigate whether the costs of intervention could be paid by the basic and/or supplementary insurance or perhaps through another insurance scheme. Another option is to conclude intervention insurance for treatment programmes that are not covered by the healthcare insurance of your employees. This is worthwhile considering if this process will cut down on high absenteeism costs.