Change your absence policy to a health policy

What are we doing well and what can we do better?

What runs well in your organisation? What can be done better? How can we reduce absenteeism? HumanCapitalCare helps you manage absenteeism. We do this by means of a personal approach, a professional team, knowledge of your sector and a superb IT system. And by looking beyond the realm of absence.


We think along and challenge you

Depending on your requirements, we set up a client team, specifically focused on your organisation. A dedicated medical officer is always part of this client team. In addition, your team could be assisted by an occupational expert, a case manager or a health coordinator. The health coordinator is often a dedicated contact person, who acts as a linchpin for coordinating all the actions related to the Eligibility for Permanent Invalidity Benefit (Restrictions) Act (Dutch: Wet Verbetering Poortwachter). Your client team focuses not only on absence, but challenges the employer to think along with regard to an integral approach to the health of the employees. Furthermore, we have a list of providers: a network of excellent professionals who we know and with whom we frequently collaborate.


we-care offers steering information

We work with we-care for registering absences. This is a user-friendly programme that we developed in-house, which our IT unit can also connect to your workforce. we-care not only generates data on absenteeism, but also steering information that gives you more insight into absence patterns in certain departments or in your entire organisation. That way, you can direct your efforts better toward health. After all, it does not relate to what the employee can no longer do, but what he is still capable of doing.