we-care for integral health management

Very shortly, we will also launch we-care: an online health management system for organisations. It is a HumanCapitalCare platform for managers for the purpose of implementing integral health management. In a glance you can see where your department or your entire organisation stands in terms of prevention, absences and health. In addition to absence information, we-care contains results from studies that show you how your department/organisation scores in the area of safety, health and long-term employability. Furthermore, our advanced systems also enable us to connect and analyse all this information.


we-care supports management in three ways

  • It offers an insight into workability, the perception of work and the physical health of a group of employees (the HumanCapitalFactor).
  • It provides you with comprehensible, manageable and insightful results in absence, risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E), preventive medical examination, OrganisationScan and the measures that need to be taken.
  • It collects data, establishes connections, predicts and advises.