my-care: the online, personal health dossier

Health is about the ability of people to adapt to the physical, emotional and social challenges of daily life and to manage these issues by themselves. To be able to actually impact these issues, they need up-to-date information about their health condition.

This is what your employees can obtain from my-care: the online, personal health dossier that they can access at anytime and from anywhere in order to get a complete picture of their personal health, vitality and workability, in other words: their employability.


Professional advice about your health

In my-care employees can view:

  • On the one hand, their absence history, results of examinations and questionnaires as well as a list with reports about their visits to the medical officer, etc.
  • On the other hand, my-care contains all the reports from the Preventive Medical Examination (PME) according to sub-areas that together form the Work & Health Indicator (WHI). These are lifestyle, workability, health, vitality, energy sources and stress factors. This is a wide area: from reports on the physical examination of the heart, lungs, blood and urine to complaints related to work stress. Based on the results of the PME, the employee receives professional advice from the medical officer. Based on this advice, measures can be taken – whether under supervision or not – to work on improving health and employability. Obviously, these measures are monitored and adjusted/corrected.


This is an example of the Work & Health Indicator (WHI)


Handy e-learning programmes: my-care action platform

Via the section called Mijn acties (My Actions) in my-care, employees can find reliable information, test yourself kits, videos, tips and e-learning or e-coaching programmes about the WHI sub-areas. Take for example topics such as balance between work and private life, eating healthy, conflict management, vitality, physical exercises, quit smoking or assertiveness. With these options, they can undertake actions that will contribute to their physical and mental health. That way, employees can have an impact on their individual long-term employability. Quite obvious is that in all these aspects my-care complies with the Personal Data Protection Act.