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Integral health management

To gauge the situation of your employees and in order to work effectively and systematically on long-term employability and an integral health management, HumanCapitalCare supports you with unique, integral information systems that provide you with insight.
For employees and employers we have separate information systems:
• my-care: the online, personal health dossier for employees
• we-care: the online health management system for employers and managers


Valuable information for you

Our systems not only support routine administrative processes, including those related to the Eligibility for Permanent Invalidity Benefit (Restrictions) Act, but they also offer employees and employers valuable information about vitality, health and employability on both the individual and organisational level. The correct linkage of data enables you to create an effective policy for health management.


Medical records and personal data are secured at the highest level

We obviously secure the data in the systems at the highest possible level. Individual employees receive their own login code and password, giving them exclusive access to their information. Employers and managers are not permitted to view any medical records.

HumanCapitalCare works constantly to optimise security. The result is that HumanCapitalCare meets the highest standards in process control (WCA and ISO 9001). We are also the only occupational health & safety service in the Netherlands which is ISO 27001 certified. In addition, we also comply with the NEN 7510 norm. That means that we comply with the maximum requirements in the area of process control and protection of medical records and personal data.