HumanCapitalCare is obliged by law to inform the visitors to its website about the use of cookies and to ask permission for the use of certain cookies. If you do not give permission for the use of cookies they will not be activated. As a result of that certain parts of the website may not work properly.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disk or in the memory of your computer, tablet or mobile phone. They remember information about your use of the website. A cookie allows a website to recognize you if you visit the website repeatedly. You can trust that cookies do not damage or transfer viruses to your computer.


What cookies does the website of HumanCapitalCare use and why?

HumanCapitalCare considers it important that you are informed about the type of cookies used by the website and about the purposes for which they are used. HumanCapitalCare tries to guarantee both your privacy and the user-friendliness of the website as best as possible. The website of HumanCapitalCare uses two types of cookies, being 1) functional cookies and 2) statistical cookies.


Functional cookies

These are cookies that are necessary for the performance of the website or that increase ease of use. For instance they remember your web browser, so that the website is displayed as best as possible. HumanCapitalCare informs you about the use of functional cookies on the website but does not ask for permission to use them because that is not necessary according to the law.


Statistical cookies

The website of HumanCapitalCare uses Google Analytics – a statistical program of Google – to obtain insights into how the website is visited. It shows whether pages are visited (frequency and duration). This information is important for HumanCapitalCare to ensure that the content of the website remains relevant to visitors. Cookies are necessary for the use of this statistical program.



The text of this declaration will be modified by HumanCapitalCare in case of new (company) developments or modifications of laws and regulations. HumanCapitalCare is allowed to implement these changes without prior warning. The latest version of the declaration is always available for you on the website.