A different approach for every sector

To what extent are your employees deployable in the long-term? How can you together with your employees have a positive effect on this matter? Do you know what your best options for long-term productivity are? What types of risks do your employees face? Do they deal mostly with physical workloads or is the work pressure the primary source of risks? Do you have many older employees or high employee outflow? Are you taking measures and are these embedded in your policy?
The answers will no doubt differ per sector, because each sector faces different problems. After all, an education institution has different challenges and current issues regarding work and health than a production plant, a care institute, a lawyers firm or a logistics company.


HumanCapitalCare is aware of this and therefore offers specific services to the various sectors. That way, we can truly serve you. For example, we have many clients and expertise in the following sectors:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Education
  • Food industry
  • Business services

“We help you understand what is going well and with what we can assist you.”

In other sectors as well we have experience and we are familiar with characteristics, wishes, advantages and problems. Our advice is matched to the specific needs of the client. Together with you we can respond to your situation, because only with mutual cooperation can we tackle long-term employability and your organisation can develop an integral health policy. This is not a luxury, but a must for safeguarding the quality, continuity and productivity of your organisation.