collaborating on work, vitality and health

HumanCapitalCare is a very progressive service provider in the field of work, vitality and health. We advise and support employers in carrying out an integral policy for health management and we assist employees in remaining employable in the long term. For that purpose, we offer customised work based on an extensive range of products and services in the area of prevention, absence and interventions. We also advise about healthcare and financing options. Our goal is to keep employees competent, motivated and healthy. Naturally together with you.


Our methods

Both organisations and employees have huge responsibilities related to vitality and health. As an organisation, you can create conditions that enable your employees to develop. You can support and provide for them, but your employees must be prepared to take their own responsibilities for keeping their employability, flexibility and productivity at an acceptable level.


We hold a mirror in front of you

HumanCapitalCare takes care of raising awareness and providing a measurable contribution to the health of your organisation and employees by holding a mirror in front of you, advising and supporting you. We do that by acting as forecasters: indicating problems early on, measuring and analysing health and vitality, proposing solutions, agreeing on goals, generating actions and together realising results.
We outline all the relevant information via an OrganisationScan. That way, we know where your organisation stands and consequently, we can set up an action plan that includes the most appropriate use of professionals, services and tools, including a timetable and quotation.


The strength in proper analyses

HumanCapitalCare is a proactive partner: we generate qualitative analyses, establish connections and respond to your demand, needs and situation. We are flexible, professional and passionate about our work.


We offer personal and online support

For supporting awareness of health and the self-management of the employees, we have tools such as preventive medical examinations – de HumanCapitalScan – or vitality coaching. Furthermore, employees receive access to my-care: an online personal health dossier that provides insight and increases self-management. As an organisation, you receive access to we-care: a system that connects absence management with employability information on both departmental and organisational level.


Your own client team

HumanCapitalCare works with client teams. Depending on your request, we set up a team with the necessary disciplines. One member of this team is your account manager and is your dedicated contact person. Our multi-disciplinary client team is dynamic and it adapts itself to the development of your organisation.